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Oliver Jackson - Speak EZ’s sound is driven by its inimitable master drummer, Oliver (OJ) Jackson.  Oliver is not only an exceptional drummer, but is an overall musician, producer, actor, voice over artist and entrepreneur.  

Born in the beautiful city of Corpus Christi, TX, he moved to Michigan as a child and began his musical career at the age of fourteen being introduced to music by his father who was a professional musician (also a drummer) in his own right.  After playing and performing at home jam sessions with his father’s friends and other adults, he quickly caught on to the feel of Gospel, Blues, Jazz and other musical genres.  His dad would wake him in the middle of the night to participate in these late night jam sessions.

Oliver learned to play the bass and guitar by ear very quickly and was soon playing at the level of his adult mentors.  His passion for soulful and inspirational grooves quickly progressed to the drums which he soon came to master and gravitate to as his chief instrument.  After graduating from HS, Oliver was already working with seasoned musicians performing at concerts, local clubs, jazz hot spots and traveling throughout the Midwest.  He has been able to provide his flavorful drumming behind some of the best jazz and blues greats.  

Oliver took a special interest in straight ahead jazz and diligently studied jazz greats like The Crusaders, Jimmy McGriff, Jimmy Smith, McFadden & Whitehead and more.  After becoming fluent in jazz, he also performed Reggae, Funk, Blues and Gospel.  

Oliver released his debut CD titled “Inside Out” in 2015 featuring guest musicians like the great Wizard Jones, OJ Harper and Trey Daniels.  Inside Out was written and produced by Oliver from a drummer’s perspective with deep rooted grooves, sweet keys, and those pocket grooves you can’t get enough of.  Oliver is a consummate perfectionist in whatever he takes on and this is reflected in his music.  His musicianship will mesmerize you and take you on a musical journey that will leave you Inside Out and wanting more.

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